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Do or do not. There is no try.... 

It’s a great scene, an X wing fighter crashed into an alien swamp, a small green creature giving it his best levitate face and a young apprentice filled with impossible doubts. Sure enough, the apprentice fails to raise more than his blood pressure while Yoda the Jedi Master taps into the force and the ship floats effortlessly to dry land.

Luke tried, but he didn’t do. It’s an easy mistake to make and it starts right at the beginning. We’ve all done it, ‘I suppose I could give it a try’ which often…Read more

Parr Street 

I like Liverpool. I have some great friends and memories here. There is something that makes sense when folk from Newcastle, Liverpool or Glasgow meet, many would struggle to understand a word spoken, but there's something that goes beyond words in these belonging encounters.

There just happens to be a world class studio in Liverpool called Parr Street Studios and would you believe it, they just happen to be run by long time friend and ex YF live sound engineer Chris Taylor. Some amazing music has been…Read more

It's time to get back on the bike... 

Things you just don't think about when embarking on a new recording.....Ah that's right I pretty much have to write, arrange, play and produce it all myself.
Of course not true, I have the mighty Jordan Riley co-producing with me and if you've ever seen father & sons working together you know how smooth sailing it all is, no frustations or bickering, just pure pure magic and harmony! ha...
And so, armed with a long list of songs, ideas and sketches, God presses go and I start. I say start, but really the…Read more
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